Saturday, December 23, 2017

Laura's postcard from The National Museum of the American Indian in Washington DC

Laura's Postcard from The National Museum of the American Indian in Washington DC:

Hi Alaine!
This is the first time I've been to National Museum of the American Indian, even though I've walked by a million times. The artifacts are so well preserved. My favorite part was the gorgeous headdresses!
<3 Laura

My video response to Laura's Postcard from the National Museum of the American Indian. This was filmed at the WTC Amsterdam in April 2017. I was jet lagged from a long haul flight and had to wait for my hotel room and had to wait in the lobby of an office building. It was a beautiful modern building filled with offices. There were so many people rushing around. The next morning, I came back and filmed these scenes inspired by the busy lifestyle of all the people that worked in that building.

About Letters: The art of exchanging physical letters and postcards is slowly dying for the fast information we can get from social media, messaging, and emails. This dance film postcard project was created as a way to keep in contact as well as showcase different locations around the world that we traverse. Alaine and Laura have been dancing and collaborating together since 2011 in ChameleonHabitat, and now Letters. They have performed in New York City, Toronto, Edinburgh, and in so many different festivals. Letters is a unique dance film project of short dance films by using the postcards received as a catalyst and response to creating the short snapshots of dance film either as a soundscape, background, text, etc.