Saturday, April 15, 2017

Laura's Picasso postcard from Spain

Pablo Picasso postcard from Laura
Thanks Laura for the postcard! :-)

Here's my response video..

Dancing under the Marble Arch in London:

Dancing under the Marble Arch in London from Alaine Handa on Vimeo.

About Letters: 
The art of exchanging physical letters and postcards is slowly dying for the fast information we can get from social media, messaging, and emails. This dance film postcard project was created as a way to keep in contact as well as showcase different locations around the world that we traverse. Alaine and Laura have been dancing and collaborating together since 2011 in ChameleonHabitat, and now Letters. They have performed in New York City, Toronto, Edinburgh, and in so many different festivals. Letters is a unique dance film project of short dance films by using the postcards received as a catalyst and response to creating the short snapshots of dance film either as a soundscape, background, text, etc.


  1. Oh cool, love the Picasso dog! Claire

  2. I was never a fan of Picasso tbh, but other than I like everything Spain related <3

    1. You should check out Laura's video in a previous post. She dances in Madrid.

  3. This is such a cool project! awesome dance too :) where's your next postcard off to?

  4. I'm sending Laura a postcard from Amsterdam, Oulu, Munich, Malta, and London. I think she went to Madrid, Valencia, and Barcelona... :-) You'll have to check back to check out where our next video will be from...