Saturday, September 3, 2016

Laura's postcard from Mount Vernon

East front of Mansion. George Washington's house in Mount Vernon. 
My dance postcard response to Laura's postcard:

From a Singapore Garden from Alaine Handa on Vimeo.

About Letters: 
The art of exchanging physical letters and postcards is slowly dying for the fast information we can get from social media, messaging, and emails. This dance film postcard project was created as a way to keep in contact as well as showcase different locations around the world that we traverse. Alaine and Laura have been dancing and collaborating together since 2011 in ChameleonHabitat, and now Letters. They have performed in New York City, Toronto, Edinburgh, and in so many different festivals. Letters is a unique dance film project of short dance films by using the postcards received as a catalyst and response to creating the short snapshots of dance film either as a soundscape, background, text, etc.

Dear Laura,
Thanks for the postcard from Mount Vernon! 
I danced on the garden patio. I hope you like the greenery around. I remember how much you love gardening and plants. 
- Alaine

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